The main activity of the Fund  is the development and support of projects in the field of humanitarian knowledge, arts and culture in Russia.


We are building an interdisciplinary cultural space for creating and implementing cultural and educational projects of new formats in the field of humanitarian knowledge. We are a platform, a meeting place for people whose creative ideas turn into complex cultural projects of mixed formats.


  • We believe in a person’s creativity and continuous desire and ability to acquire knowledge in various ways.
  • We believe that interesting ideas should be implemented, and we are ready to act to ensure that.
  • We believe that the purpose of a person is to create, that reason, beauty, and love are what a person can bring to this world.


  • Awareness – all of our projects are based on a theoretical background, which we try to make clear to everyone who comes into contact with the project.
  • Environmental friendliness – we try not to produce garbage, including cultural and informational waste.
  • Energy — everything is based on the energy of people. The more interesting the combination of these energies, the more unexpected the result of meeting different ideas and meanings.
  • Research – we are against absolute truths and ready-made knowledge. We like searching and discovering together.


Accelerator of cultural projects

A seven-day program dedicated to a comprehensive step-by-step elaboration of cultural projects from an idea to the readiness for implementation. The implementation period is June-July 2020.

School of volunteering for culture

The volunteer school is a program where we teach volunteers the skills they need to work in cultural projects.  For young people, this is an opportunity to be in the center of cultural events and see from the inside the way modern cultural platforms work.  

In the frameworks of the programme, volunteers conduct field research with a curator and observe how various cultural events are organized. They listen to lectures that give basic knowledge on cultural project management. They attend workshops, engage in mutual training, have internships in the partner-organizations of the Fund and get experience volunteering at major events.

Art project “Humanitarian theater”

Open competition of independent curatorial projects. Thematic frame: exploring the taboos of modern culture by means of contemporary art.

Taboos are cultural codes that lie on the other side of normality, which is why it is so difficult for us to discuss them. Taboo leads to automation of cultural practices — «it is impossible because it is impossible» or «it is necessary because it is necessary». It is reflection that allows you to automate everyday practices, start a conversation about forbidden and painful topics. Art can mediate this conversation.

There are no restrictions on the format of projects: exhibition, performance, theater, dance, discussions, VR, AR, and other forms of art.

Project timeline: winter-spring 2020.

ART MEMORY project

It is a socially-oriented cultural project, a study of the memory of people whose youth fell during the thaw and stagnation in the Soviet Union.

The project participants are elderly people in nursing homes whose stories reveal the signs of the time. They talk about how they worked, how they spent their free time, how they built houses, where they went on dates, what music they listened to, and what they were proud of. 

These stories are different, but at the same time similar, because they tell us not only about personal memories, but about the memory of an entire generation.

In order to work with the memories of these people, we turn to artists. We believe that art can mediate between two eras and translate memory into images that can be perceived by the modern viewer. 

The exhibition created by artists becomes a reflection on the peculiarities of time and memory.

The ultimate goal of the project is not only to study these phenomena, but also to exhibit the works in the nursing home, for people who shared their stories.

Implementation period: autumn 2019 — autumn 2020


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